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Phoenix Bid Solutions is a boutique bid management consultancy. Offering the professional proposal management services of Bree Papa supported by an on-call team of graphic designers, admin, peer reviewers and other bid writers.

Call Bree to discuss your bidding requirements, wants or frustrations. Together we can work out a solution that meets your goals and budget.

Bid support available across New Zealand and Australian East Coast (other locations on negotiation).

Enhance the competitiveness of your bids from professional support while
at the same time up- skilling internal resources.
BID MANAGEMENT - Specific Proposals

Partner with Phoenix Bid Solutions to develop the ideal amount of support needed to meet your objectives and budget. Services could include: 

  • Bid Writing – Especially working with technical experts to articulate their solution.

  • Methodology Flow Charts and Graphics Development – Suggesting graphical ways to represent solutions and concepts

  • Bid Documents – MS Word experts are available to set up your documents and provide formatting support and templates. If cost and time budget allows InDesign is also available.

  • Pricing (not costing) strategies

  • Bid Reviews

    • Compliance – Have you answered the question?

    • Impact / Win Strategies – Are you getting your point across?

    • Proof Reading

Need professional support for an important opportunity? 
- then bid management might suit you
BID MANAGERS - Casual or Part-time
Staff on leave? Extra busy bid season? Need help to structure your internal bid team or bid resources? – then a temporary bid manager might suit you.
  • Interim support while current staff are on leave or a short burst of resource if you are looking to launch new initiatives.

  • Regular Part time support to work with your internal teams in specific areas or projects

  • Having an extra bid manager can give your team the space they need to creating and refine better systems and processes to streamline the bid process.

  • A fresh pair of eyes can provide critical review of past bids and current bid practices to help you improve in the future.

Past Wins

Win example 1 

Confidential Client from the Health Sector – Nationwide Service Provision ($60m fees over 2 years). Strong proposal management was required to coordinate the inputs from five companies into a cohesive whole on this joint venture bid. Attention to detail was required to comply with the client’s strict response requirements.

Win example 2 

The consultant had not won a project for this client in 18 months. Through capture planning, developing win strategies and efficient bid management we were able to win 7 out of 7 proposals (ranging up to $500K) over several months. This took the billings to this client into the top 5 grossing clients for the consultant that year.


Bree Papa


Bree Provides proposal management that is calm, efficient and based on years of experience. Her support is tailored to meet the needs of you and your clients. 

Call Bree to discuss your bidding requirements, wants or frustrations. Together we can work out a solution that meets your goals and budget.

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