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What is ConstructSafe?
​​ConstructSafe is a national health and safety competency assessment (test) for the construction industry. In the same way that a driving licence proves the competency of a driver, ConstructSafe proves the health and safety competency of our workforce. It provides assurance that every worker on-site understands the same things, in order to carry out their jobs safely.
It is an initiative by charitable trust Construction Health & Safety NZ (CHASNZ) - the new H&S leaders in our industry and soon to be THE common standard in NZ.. 
Click on the link below to view new Site Access Requirements from CHASNZ.
Watch the video below from CHASNZ  or click on the link below to read a bit more about ConstructSafe.  

Why choose Phoenix Solutions as your ConstructSafe Mobile Testing Centre

We provide:
* All Tier 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 assessments. 
* A friendly, professional and relaxed testing environment.
* All the testing equipment (tablets & headphones) *It is reccomended to use your own headphones if you can.
* We come to your office or site location at an agreed time.

* We will follow the site procedures, so long as they comply with CHASNZ industry guidance and New Zealand's Alert Levels.

* We will arrive with sanitized equipment, and happily login to your site as we will inform ConstructSafe of our location. 

* After each assessment, the equipment will be sanitized. After each session, the whole testing environment will be sanitized.

* We send a follow up email to let you know how testing went and any recommendations we have to help support your team.

What to expect...

*  Each inividual will need to register and have a ConstructSafe number before testing. If you dont have one, click the link below:
*  We recommend 90 minute test sessions to take the test/ re-test. The test typically takes 45 minutes - 1 hour to complete depending on the indivual.

*  Tier 1 : 50 multi-choice questions to assess your knowledge of health and safety. 85% needed to pass.

Tier 2 : 50 multi-choice questions to assess your knowledge for job specific (Electrician 85% pass needed/ Scaffolder 85% pass needed/ Excavator 90% pass needed/ Roller 90% pass needed). * We offer theory test only.

*  The interactive test is delivered online (on a tablet with headphones).  The assessment is audio so you will have someone reading the questions and answer options through the headphones.

*  We recommend signing up your company to ”Commit to ConstructSafe” so that you can access the training tools which are targeted to the different areas of the test.  This will help prepare & offer further custom tailored training for each individual. 
Click the link below:
 As of August 1st 2020, ConstructSafe has gone fully digital.  No more physical cards. 
Clink on the PDF Doc below from ConstructSafe to see what this means for your Company & Workers.


Test cost per person
1-2 people $150.00 pp 
3-4 people $135.00 pp 
5-9 people $120.00 pp (20% discount)
10+ people $105.00 pp (30% discount)

* All prices noted above include GST

Re-test cost after 1st attempt only: $50.00 per test including GST
(must be booked within the 28-day window of last testing date to be eligible)

Mobilization costs & *Extra fees:
Parking - (if free parking is not available) - *Cost + 10%
Auckland - Between Albany and Papakura - FREE
Auckland -  outside these areas - *$80.00 + GST 
Northland  - *$80.00 + GST
Other areas of New Zealand please inquire
Payments options available for bank transfer or invoices for approved customers
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Located Across northern NZ, we regularly test in the following locations,
all other locations available by appointment

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