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Drone Infrastructure Inspections

UAVs (unmanned aviation vehicles), also known as drones, offer cost-effective solutions for asset and infrastructure owners. Providing higher quality, more accurate and usable data, as well improving safety, efficiency and reducing costs. The advantages of using a UAV to survey are easily conceptualised and include:
• Increased Safety
• Decreased access costs and safety costs
• Increase data quality with more accurate and usable data.

Cathodic Protection (CP)

Temporary / Permanent Cathodic Protection
Sacrificial / Impressed Current Cathodic Protection
Pre-design Surveys, Design and Detailed Engineering
Installation Supervision, Installation Bonding & Continuity
Testing & Commissioning of System
Potential Monitoring, Transformer Rectifier Inspection, Adjustments
Specialised surveys (Telluric Activity, Stray Currents), Trouble Shootin

Pipeline inspection, assessment and remediation

Buried and above ground


Forward Works Plans. Short, medium and Long term Infrastructure Strategy Plans.

Concrete Condition Assessment and Remediation


Infrastructure Condition Assessment and Remediation

By considering multiple  aspects of your asset inventory we can help you evaluate and remediate (where necessary) to prolong the useful life of your assets. These aspects include expected life span, operations, maintenance and repair history, frequency and intensity of use and types of materials used.

These assements and remediations can be applied on water, wastewater, transport, marine oil and gas assets

Durability Planning

Chat to our consultants about how you can get the best value for money out of your assets through considering corrosion prevention, durability, operations and maintenance options.

Materials Selection


Bid and Proposal Management

Phoenix Bid Solutions offers the professional proposal management services, including fixed term or casual contracts. Click here to find out more.

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